WCW: Meet Evey Dantès, Cosplayer Extraordinaire

A lot of scary stuff comes from Australia. It’s a country seemingly built with the sole purpose attempting to murder the people that have the stones to live there. Cool stuff comes out of Australia, too. Did you know they invented the electronic pacemaker? That has nothing to do with this article, I just thought it was an interesting fact. Another awesome thing to come out of Australia is Evey Dantès aka . This twenty-four year old cosplayer/model has racked up 87k likes on her FB page so far and with good reason. Here she is as Annie from Attack on Titan.

PHOTO | J.J. Maher

PHOTO | J.J. Maher

She’s done cosplay for everything from Attack on Titan, to Pokemon, Overwatch, and more. Real talk, she makes a pretty adorable D. Va.

Every now and again she does non-cosplay related photos which is totally fine and wonderful in every way.

If you want to see more of Evey, make sure to check out her various social media and give her a like on Facebook. Links down below.


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