What Do The Titles Of The Last 2 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episodes Tells Us About The End Of Season 6?

Technically no spoilers ahead (unless you count episode titles as spoilers) but some of these fan theories are so good they might just solve all the Game Of Thrones mysteries from Season 6.

Winter is most definitely coming. And with it, the end of Season 6 of Game Of Thrones, and life as we know it. Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have stated that the show is looking toward shorter seasons, maybe only seven episodes each for Seasons 7 and 8. Benioff told Vanity Fair:

“I think we’re down to our final 13 episodes after this season. We’re heading into the final lap. That’s the guess, though nothing is yet set in stone, but that’s what we’re looking at.”

But let’s worry about the Long Night before it happens. We still have three episodes left in Season 6, and now that we know , we can take what evidence we have and use it to start dissecting all the possible options of what might happen on screen.

Episode 8: “No One”

Airs: June 12

We’ve already got an official synopsis and a trailer for Episode 8, which you can watch here:

Official HBO Synposis:

While Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) weighs his options, Cersei (Lena Headey) answers a request. Tyrion’s (Peter Dinklage) plans bear fruit. Arya (Maisie Williams) faces a new test. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss; directed by Mark Mylod.

You can read a more in-depth breakdown of the trailer including predictions for the episode . Let’s move on to the episodes we know less about.

Episode 9: “The Battle Of The Bastards”

Airs: June 19

1. Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton/Snow

Ramsay vs. Jon

Ramsay vs. Jon

We know this battle is definitely coming, since Jon and Sansa are already busy gathering troops to take to Winterfell. The real question is not whether it will happen, but who will make it out alive? Jon has to survive, since we need him alive when we finally see R+L=J come to pass. But even if Ramsay is defeated, it doesn’t look too good for little Rickon making a safe escape…

2. The Sands vs. Tommen Baratheon

We haven’t been to Dorne in a while, but last we left it, Ellaria Sand and her girls were busy staging a coup and plotting revenge against the Lannisters. Will they have made their way to Kings Landing by Episode 8, ready avenge Prince Oberyn by slaughtering Cersei’s remaining child, who — let’s not forget — is also a bastard? With Jaime busy with the Blackfish at Riverrun, the time for kingslaying is now. Plus,

3. Gendry Returns

We haven’t seen that last living child of Robert Baratheon since Season 3, when Ser Davos saved his life by putting him in a rowboat and telling him to get as far away from Dragonstone and Melisandre as possible. Surely he’s got to be done rowing by now? If the Sand girls dispose of Tommen, this would be an ideal time for Gendry to make his return to Kings Landing.

Episode 10: The Winds Of Winter

Airs: June 26

1. And The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

The Wall, Game Of Thrones

The Wall, Game Of Thrones

Before he left Castle Black, Jon gave Edd some friendly advice about the wall:

“Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.”

Given how often people make airy statements like “I’ll return soon” just before riding off to meet their death, it wouldn’t be too far to assume that this is a little foreshadowing. The Wall is bound to come down, and the winds of winter will blow the wight army South.

2. There’s A Dragon Sleeping In The Wall

An ice dragon.


Just go ahead and let that sink in for a minute…

Good? Okay.

If you haven’t read the books, you might not have come across this theory (you can read a more in-depth version ). In the books, the Wall is often compared to a sleeping dragon, and old Westerosi legends are filled with tales of ice dragons. George. R.R. Martin himself even wrote this short story, which doesn’t really have anything to do with Game Of Thrones but does teach you about ice dragons: blue eyes, white scales, and icy breath. You might even say their breath is like the “winds of winter…”

This is just one possible option, but we know that there’s a Prince Who Was Promised, and that “His is the song of ice and fire.” Going on the theory that the “prince” might be more than one person, Daenerys already has the fire part of the song covered, which means we’re stilling waiting on the ice. Ice could just mean the long winter in general, but it would be way more poetic if it were another dragon.

3. Strong Wind Means Good Sailing

The title of the episode is a nod to the next ASOIAF book, which has yet to be released, and is set to be 15 minutes longer than a normal episode. We already know that Season 6 has moved beyond the material that George R.R. Martin laid out for us in the books, but will this episode reveal a major plot point of the new novel?

With the Dothraki army behind her and all the Greyjoys rushing to bring her ships, it’s only a matter of time before the Mother of Dragons sets sail for Westeros. Picture the epic final shot of Daenerys on the bow of one of her 1,000 ships, sailing straight into the chaos that has just broken out in the Seven Kingdoms. It has to happen.

Do you agree with these theories? What do you think is going to happen in the final episodes of Season 6 of Game Of Thrones?


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