What Has The ‘Arrow’ Finale Set Up For Season 5?

What Has The ‘Arrow’ Finale Set Up For Season 5? by Antonio Ferme , May 25th, 2016 at 7:43pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterThe fourth season of Arrow has finally materialized to a conclusion. It may have not been the most exhilarating season finale, but it established a lot of necessary foundations for Season 5. The last two seasons of Arrow have under performed to say the least as Season 3 really went off course from the flashbacks, to the character development, to the pacing. Season 4 was the show’s chance to redeem itself and it only partially completed that goal. Season 5 is the last chance Arrow has to recapture its glory. Failing to do so could lead to Season 5 being the show’s last season. However, you know what they say: third time’s the charm.So, what has the season finale set up for the proceeding and what direction will the show go in next? If you have watched The Flash finale, I wrote a similar piece explaining what The Flash ‘s season finale has set up for its third season ( click here to read ). We’re not here to talk The Flash , let’s talk some Arrow !*** WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT FOR NOT ONLY ‘ARROW’ BUT ‘THE FLASH’ AND ‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’!Setting Aside Non-Needed CharactersSpecifically, these twoA lot of the times on these shows, specifically Arrow , there are characters who don’t have any character arcs to complete and the character is just there. The show runners usually end up doing one big mistake: forcing pointless arcs upon the character. We have seen this done many times on Arrow where characters go through what feels to be a very forced conflict. For example, Thea’s on-and-off blood lust conflict was only incorporated into the show to give Thea a purpose on the show. At other times, the CW shows do the correct thing from time to time by placing the character temporarily off to the side. For example, the show runners for Legends of Tomorrow realized that after they killed Savage, Kendra and Carter’s part was complete. Therefore, they left the team temporarily but we have only seen the origins of the characters.In the finale, we see that Captain Lance and Donna are leaving the city for a while. Both of these characters wouldn’t have a big purpose in Season 5 but at the same time, they should not have been killed off. If Lance stayed on the show, he would have a forced character arc like a repeat of his alcohol problem. Also, Donna was never a big character on the show and making her one would only be unnecessary. So, I give the Arrow show runners a big thumbs up.On top of that, we also see Diggle and Thea taking some time off the team to re-evaluate themselves. I think this is a perfect way to put the show back on the tracks. Start off the season with Oliver fighting alone with the tech help of Felicity. With only them to, it will be a perfect time to consolidate Curtis onto Team Arrow. When a bigger threat emerges, Diggle and Thea will come back to the team to re-unite. By then, their problems will be all sorted out and they will be able to move on.Oliver Is the Mayor of Star CityIn a twist that probably everybody saw coming, Oliver finally became mayor of Star City. This will be a huge help for Oliver to stay positive and on the light side. He will also be able to use his government position as the Mayor to help fight crime without putting the suit on, similar to what Laurel wanted to do before she, you know, kicked the bucket. Not much to say besides the fact that Oliver becoming the mayor brings a new, refreshing element to the show.Well, that is about it. The finale was ‘decent’ as it does a subpar job of wrapping the season in a normal and bland way. It also did not give us many hints to what is about to come but I am trying to stay very optimistic because this is the show’s last chance to redeem itself. Stephen Amell has hinted at the fact that he wants to decrease the magnitude of the show. The show has been used to set up other TV shows these last two seasons and now this season, there is no new show (the new show is Supergirl ) to set up. Therefore, Stephen says the show will stay in the city and deal with problems within the city itself, not the world or even the universe itself. Again, third time’s a charm!What did YOU guys think of the season finale? What has the show set up for Season 5? Tell me below!