What Just Exploded In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’?

You know a movie is going to be great when the director drops concept art before San Diego Comic-Con. That’s right, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director , brought to life by the pencil of Andy Park. The fantastic concept art brings us one step closer to the premiere of the sequel on May, 2017, and while we might get more photos and possibly a trailer next week during Comic-Con, let’s explore what exactly is going in in this concept art.

Someone Or Something Just Exploded

GotG2 concept art by Andy Park

GotG2 concept art by Andy Park

Among its original faces, the team now includes Yondu, and Nebula. The concept art seems to depict a crucial part of the movie where either the Guardians have infiltrated a place and left their mark, or are escaping a plan gone sideways. The former seems to be the most likely scenario. It looks like the team came prepared for battle (swords, jet-packs, a magic arrow and full ensemble). Star-Lord, Rocket and Yondu probably set off the explosion since they are the only three that are flying via their jet-packs and Yondu’s Yaka arrow. If this should be the case, then what did get blown up to pieces?

A Planet, A Ship Or A Person

From the rubble and the background near Gamora and Nebula (What makes out like steel support beams), it looks like they are in some kind of stadium or large setting, maybe even a massive ship (or ) of some sort. We can safely assume that this concept art takes place later in the movie due to Yondu’s presence. Along with Nebula, with these former adversaries of the Guardians (now galactic heroes), the cosmic threat-level has probably reached a point that they must all come together to fight a common enemy (“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”). We know it’s not Thanos, as he will be the big bad of the Infinity Wars, but what if it’s ? We will probably get some answers and more information next week in San Diego Comic-Con. Until then, we’re gonna have ourselves a dance off:

So, what do you think is going on in this fabulous concept art by Andy Park? Leave your theories down in the comments!

Check out more of Andy Park’s fantastic art pieces at his .


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