What We Know About ‘Arrow’ Season 5 So Far

With the cast and crew of Arrow bidding farewell to their summer hiatus and officially beginning production on Season 5 of the series, it won’t be long before we’re transported back to Star City for some crime fighting capers. With a new chapter set to begin for Arrow, Stephen Amell tweeted the following image last week to officially announce the beginning of production for Season 5.

After the ups and downs of Season 4, we now look ahead to the new beginnings, starting with everything we know about Season 5, thus far.

Arrow Season 5 Will Feature Two Vigilantes

Vigilantes: Wild Dog and Vigilante in DC Comics.
Vigilantes: Wild Dog and Vigilante in DC Comics.

Things may be getting a little crowded in Star City. Ever since the Season 4 finale, the producers have that would tear up the streets. Said vigilante would turn out to be — the former marine turned vigilante. Wild Dog will be played by Rick Gonzalez and will be featured in a multi-episode arc. Furthermore, it was later revealed that .

Ironically, these vigilantes, particularly Wild Dog, sound very reminiscent of the Punisher and his arc in Season 2 of Daredevil. Frank Castle’s arc was well-received and if Arrow emulates this, it will likely feature more streetwise and gritty elements — something Arrow has been lacking lately. Having these two gritty vigilantes .

It Will Feature More New Faces

Chad Coleman as Tyreese in "The Walking Dead."

Chad Coleman as Tyreese in “The Walking Dead.”

In addition to the new vigilantes, Arrow is stocking up on fresh faces. We know that Chad Coleman will appear as the villain Tobias Church. Coleman is an incredibly strong actor with well known roles in both The Wire and The Walking Dead so it will be great to see him on Arrow.

Furthermore, we also know that Carly Pope has joined the cast as Coast City Reporter Susan Williams, who will be targeting Mayor Oliver Queen for a story. On an interesting note, the comic book character is married to Jim Jordan — the brother of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. , could this be yet another one?

Tyler Ritter has also joined the cast in the recurring role of Detective Malone — the newest addition to the SCPD. With many new faces in Star City, it will surely be an interesting new year for Arrow.

We Will See Laurel At Least One More Time

Black Canary: Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance.

Black Canary: Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance.

Despite the fact that Marc Guggenheim insists that Laurel Lance is dead, . Even if the show continues its bizarre tendency to alienate its fans, we can rest assured that we will likely see Katie Cassidy reprise her role of Laurel Lance at least one more time.

Before Laurel’s mysterious death, she asked Oliver to promise her something. We never did get to see that secret conversation. It was later announced that we would see that secret conversation some time in Season 5. So expect to see Laurel return at least for one final flashback.

Some fans have speculated that Oliver and Laurel may have secretly faked her death and thus . Never say never, right?

Green Arrow May Go Solo

Original Vigilante: The Arrow from Season 1.

Original Vigilante: The Arrow from Season 1.

The controversial ending to the already controversial Season 4 saw Team Arrow basically disbanding and going their separate ways. With Diggle and Thea gone, only Oliver and Felicity were left in the “Arrow Cave” to continue fighting crime. So it looks like for the first part of Season 5 at least, we might see some Green Arrow solo missions.

This would be the first time we saw anything with Oliver by himself since Season 2 and is sure to be a refreshing change from the overcrowded team fight scenes. Seeing the Green Arrow fighting alone would be a real throwback to the early days of Arrow — a welcome throwback indeed.

Artemis Is Coming

Madison McLaughlin will play Artemis of "Young Justice" fame.

Madison McLaughlin will play Artemis of “Young Justice” fame.

In another cast addition, Arrow is set to add comic book heroine Artemis to their lineup. However, in another interesting swerve, . Remember the angry Black Canary imposter from last year? Well looks like she will be joining the ranks of Star City’s most talented archers.

While Artemis Crock is known for her appearances in DC Comics as Tigress, it was her portrayal as the that really put her on the map. Fans fell in love with the character and her compelling arc. This led many to believe that Arrow have added the Young Justice version of the character in an attempt to boost their falling ratings. Either way, I’m really excited to see Artemis show up on Arrow.

This May Be The End Of The Island Flashbacks

Five years in hell: Oliver Queen on the island.

Five years in hell: Oliver Queen on the island.

Arrow was initially created as a five year story, detailing the Arrow/Green Arrow’s journey to becoming the hero of Star City while simultaneously showing us what happened to Oliver Queen during his “five years in hell” on Lian Yu. And while I’m sure that they might be able to milk the cow and keep Arrow running for many more years, it’s likely that Season 5 will mark the end of the island flashbacks. I use the term “island flashbacks” very loosely because Oliver Queen didn’t spend as much time on Lian Yu as we initially thought.

Fans of the show have grown increasingly critical of the flashbacks with some even calling them “obsolete” at this stage. With this being the fifth year of flashbacks, we now know that Oliver (who we last saw with his short Arrow haircut) will have to finish his business before returning to the island — again growing a long blonde beard and long blonde hair before the end of the season.

No matter how quickly or well they pull it off, it doesn’t change the fact that this season should being an end of the five year flashback story.

Roy Harper Will Return

Arsenal: Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in "Arrow."

Arsenal: Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in “Arrow.”

Colton Haynes confirmed at a recent convention that he would indeed return to Arrow for “a few episodes” during Season 5. This would certainly be a much welcomed return as Roy has had some of the most compelling storylines since the series began and quickly became one of the fan-favorite characters. And quite frankly, it was like a breath of fresh air to see him return for his single guest appearance in Season 4.

So while Green Arrow may be going solo, at least he can always count on Arsenal to back him up — for a few episodes at least.

Cody Rhodes Will Guest Star

Bitter Rivals: Amell and Stardust on WWE "RAW."

Bitter Rivals: Amell and Stardust on WWE “RAW.”

From arch rivals to… arch rivals, it was recently announced that Stephen Amell’s former nemesis and WWE rival Stardust (Cody Rhodes) will guest star in Season 5 of Arrow. Fans may remember that back at 2015’s WWE SummerSlam, Amell and Stardust squared off in a tag team match also featuring Neville and King Wade Barrett. Amell and Neville came out victorious with Stardust vowing revenge.

Now that has left WWE, could Rhodes’ addition to Season 5 of Arrow see him getting revenge on Amell — in a different universe, at least? Not much is known about his role yet, but it will be fun to see the two squaring off on our TV screens one more time.

‘Flashpoint’ Might Have A Major Effect On Arrow

"Flashpoint": How the arc affected Green Arrow in the comics.

“Flashpoint”: How the arc affected Green Arrow in the comics.

Although this is just speculation, Stephen Amell did allude to the fact , leading to the “Flashpoint” storyline, might just have a . How? We don’t know yet. But this anticipation may just lead to Arrow‘s most exciting twists yet. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes in the timeline!

The . However, Season 5 will likely give us the answer to many of those questions. With filming already taking place, . It’s definitely going to be an interesting year.

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