Which Heroes Are Appearing In The Nine Upcoming MCU Films?

Which Heroes Are Appearing In The Nine Upcoming MCU Films? by Jared Ficiur , May 25th, 2016 at 3:25pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterWith nine announced MCU films some of the biggest speculation is wrapped around who will appear in these films? Falcon was a wonderful cameo in Ant-Man , Black Panther had a wonderful intro in Civil War and Iron Man is announced for Spider-Man Homecoming. Who could possibly be showing up in these nine films?Doctor Strange – November 2016Doctor Strange 2016Doctor Strange is going to be one of the most unique Marvel films to date as it delves into the world of mysticism. With this different vibe it’s likely that Marvel will include a cameo for casual movie-goers to understand that Doctor Strange fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.There are several candidates that could cameo in Doctor Strange , even though none have been confirmed. Out of the existing catalog of MCU characters, the ones that make the most sense are Scarlet Witch, Nick Fury, or Hulk. Since the film is so soon, and no cameos have been confirmed, it’s very likely that if any happen they’ll be in a post credits scene, or a brief un-credited cameo like Fury in Iron Man.Doctor Strange and the Scarlet WitchThe Scarlet Witch had connections to Strange in the comics as he trained her to use her powers. Recently in Civil War we witnessed how powerful she is, and how she’s struggling to understand her limits, it would be awesome to see some sort of connection between the Witch and Strange.Nick Fury is another possibility, in a brief scene, possibly after the credits. Fury has eyes and ears everywhere so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he already knew of the Thanos problem that will be coming to the forefront during Avengers Infinity War , and if he’s looking for people to join his side, Strange would be a powerful ally!Thor and HulkAnother potential hero that could be slated for an after credits scene could be Hulk. However, in the scene I’m imagining Strange wouldn’t be interacting with the Hulk, but instead we’d see a tease for Thor: Ragnorak and witness how the Hulk gets off world in the first place to eventually meet up with Thor during their cosmic team-up slated for the following year.Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 – May 2017Guardians Volume 2One of the most anticipated films is Guardians of the Galaxy 2. After it’s surprising, and well received, first installment fans are excited for a sequel. The cosmic side of the MCU means it’s unlikely we’ll get a cameo of any Avengers, but an after credits tease leading to the following year’s Infinity War is plausible. We could easily see a scene straight out of the movie like we did at the end of Ant-Man teasing Civil War.On the other hand, we will be receiving the third Thor film later in 2017, and with both Guardians 2 and Thor 3 taking place in the cosmos we could also see an after credits scene setting up Thor and Hulk ‘s bro-venture as they search for answers of the infinity stones. We could even see an answer as to how and when Hulk left Earth!Spider-Man Homecoming – July 2017Spider-Man HomecomingIn Spidey’s first solo film in the MCU we’ve been told to expect Iron Man as RDJ has signed onto the film, and with their relationship introduced during Civil War it’s no surprise that he’s the Avenger that’ll be joining our wall-crawler.Iron Man and Iron SpiderVery little is known about this film yet, we don’t know a villain or plot details, but my hope is that we’ll continue to see Iron Man mentor Parker. Everyone would love to see him upgrade the suit to the Iron Spider suit. One thing that seems likely is Parker rejecting Stark as his mentor, as we get to see him see through the manipulation and in the end beat whatever bad guy he’s facing on his own!Another end of the movie–or after credits scene–that would be fun is Parker being approached by Captain America to join his Secret Avengers! After all Spidey was a huge part of the same underground team in the comics after Civil War.Thor: Ragnorak – November 2017Thor RagnarokOne of the most exciting upcoming films is Thor Ragnarok which follows up Thor’s appearance in Age of Ultron where he leaves Earth, and the Avengers, to search out the infinity stones that have been appearing. We already know that Hulk will be returning as a “sidekick” character, but other confirmed returning characters Heimdall, Loki, Odin and Lady Sif, as well as new important MCU characters Valkyrie, Skurge and possibly an extremely large Infinity Wars character Grandmaster who has, at least in the comics, been in possession of the infinity gauntlet and various stones.With Ragnarok pitched as a “cosmic roadtrip” between Thor and Hulk, there are so many characters that could pop up to cameo! Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket and Drax are among the obvious ones because of their tie to the cosmic MCU, they could even become Thor and Hulk’s ride back to Earth for Infinity War ! However one of the most obvious cameos is Thanos himself with Thor searching for the puppeteer who’s manipulating the infinity stones. An altercation between Thor, Hulk and Thanos would be an awesome setup for Infinity War, Part I !Black Panther – February 2018Black PantherUniversally everyone has loved the character from his “origin story” in Captain America: Civil War . T’Challa blew fans away visually, and with the emotional depth that he brought to the role. I’m even more excited for his solo film than Spider-Man’s!The ending of Civil War could set up what will take place in Black Panther . Cap’s Secret Avengers have escaped custody and have taken up refuge in Wakanda. It’s important to remember that until recently the Wakandan people have not made an effort to be involved in the world outside of their African country. Now that their new King has brought a group of vigilantes to their home, it could mean that Panther and the Secret Avengers will face a war on two fronts in this film: The bad guys that could be coming for Bucky and/or Cap as teased in the mid-credits scene of Civil War , but also the Wakandans who become stirred up with the outsiders that are in their land. This was actually a mini-arc in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes where a Wakandan, Man-Ape, attempts to steal the throne from T’Challa while secretly working with Ulysses Klaw. Since Klaw is also appearing in Black Panther this seems to be a likely plot point!Infinity War, Part I – May 2018Thanos takes on the infinity gauntletThe long awaited Infinity War, Part I is set to release in less than two years! One frustration among fans is that Marvel doesn’t have strong villains, it seems that most of them are one-timers, and have little substance or growth. Thanos needs be an exception to this “villain problem”! What would be awesome is if Thanos is the main character of Infinity War, Part I ! Civil War ‘s main character was obviously Captain America, but with cuts to Iron Man’s story and the other heroes involved. It would be pretty unique to see Infinity War take a similar formula with Thanos taking center stage.Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 2018Ant-Man and the WaspIn an episode of Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Ant-Man and Wasp are dispatched to a military base to investigate an alien force that’s landed on Earth. The episode, titled “459” from season one, also introduced Major Carol Danvers. During their confrontation with the Kree, Danvers is caught in an explosion. She wakes up in the hospital at the end of the episode hovering above her hospital bed with yellow energy surrounding her teasing the beginnings of iconic hero Captain Marvel .Danvers awakens in the hospitalHow awesome would it be to see something like this with Danvers translated into film? It would do the origin story without a traditional solo film, much like Black Panther recently in Civil War . Recently the Russo brothers also teased that Captain Marvel would be a part of Infinity War, Par I, since Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place in between Infinity War films my ideal version of the character would be introduced in Infinity War, Part I and receive her iconic powers the same way she did in the comics with the help of Ant-Man, the Wasp and the Kree! Then she’d be all buff and tough and ready for Infinity War, Part II !The other big unanswered question of Ant-Man and the Wasp is how the Sokovia Accords will affect our superheroes. Neither Ant-Man nor Wasp has signed with Iron Man and his Avengers, and last we saw Ant-Man was locked up in prison but rescued by Captain America. Even though he wasn’t seen in the mid-credits scene of Civil War we can assume he, at least briefly, is hiding in Wakanda. Could this mean we see Captain America pop up in the beginning when we see Lang leave Wakanda, or Iron Man enforcing the Accords?Captain Marvel – March 2019Captain MarvelOut of the nine announced MCU films this one we know so little about! We haven’t even heard confirmations on Captain Marvel casting yet, but with her confirmed for one or both of the Infinity Wars it’s safe to assume that we aren’t in danger of having this film cancelled or pushed back like the Inhumans film was.With this being Marvel’s first solo film starring a female superhero I very much hope they optimize this opportunity. Instead of giving Captain Marvel a male sidekick, or a male villain, let’s make the cast 90% women like we’re making Black Panther 90% African-American.If you’ve ever watched Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes you know that one of the best relationships in the show is Captain Marvel’s and Wasp . I would love to see this translate to her solo film as well, especially if we see the beginnings of her powers manifest during Ant-Man and the Wasp. Not that we need a sidekick, but it seems that Marvel is done with the “standalone” films. In Winter Soldier we saw Black Widow “sidekick’ with Cap, in Civil War we saw multiple Avengers have screen time and in Ragnorak we know it’ll strongly include the Hulk. I would love to take this vibe into Captain Marvel as well and give it a strong superheroine presence! Even Black Widow or Scarlet Witch would be an awesome addition to the cast!With these nine upcoming MCU films it’s a great time to be a Marvel fan! So many characters are starting to be explored, about to be introduced and so many wonderful stories are coming to fruition!