Which Marvel-ous Comic Book Storylines Will We See When ‘Daredevil’ Season 3 And ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Hit Netflix In 2018?

When Marvel first announced their plans to combine four relatively obscure superheroes into one almighty team on Netflix, it was easy to be sceptical. After all, the last time we saw Daredevil onscreen was in Ben Affleck’s box office flop and quite frankly, the confidence that Marvel were putting into their product was astonishing at the time.

Jessica’s not the only sassy one at Marvel [Via Netflix]

Who else would plan to release four separate unproven properties through streaming, and announce without first waiting to see how each hero would fare in their own solo ventures?

Fortunately, both Daredevil and Jessica Jones have proven to be incredibly popular with both fans and critics alike. So, when Marvel recently unveiled new trailers for , and The Defenders at SDCC, fans were overjoyed to see the studio’s overarching plans finally come to fruition.

Unfortunately though, with this influx of new Marvel shows on the horizon, the question of when each program will actually be released is now up for debate. Netflix originally stated that they would only release two Marvel shows a year and now that Iron Fist and The Defenders have taken both of the slots for 2017, this left the fate of and Jessica Jones Season Two up in the air.

When Will The Next Seasons Of Daredevil And Jessica Jones Air?

Originally, fans hoped that Netflix would simply , enabling Marvel to release three shows a year instead. However, Netflix boss Ted Sarandos has just confirmed that the company will continue to produce just two Marvel shows each year.

We already knew that the release of . But while fans will still be reunited with their favorite blind attorney and private investigator in 2017’s team-up, we now won’t see the impact of their alliance with and Iron Fist until at least 2018.

We’re bound to see a bit more of this though. [Via Netflix]

Netflix previously confirmed that Jessica Jones’s sophomore season would be filmed back to back with The Defenders, which means that Krysten Ritter’s show will probably take the spring slot, but there’s still a chance that could bump Daredevil back even further to 2019. However, Matt Murdock is likely to take precedent due to the character’s proven popularity.

Here’s Why The Delay Is A Good Thing

Ladies and gentlemen. Here are your Defenders. [Via Netflix]

Ladies and gentlemen. Here are your Defenders. [Via Netflix]

While it’s hard to predict exactly how the events of The Defenders will impact both Murdock and Jones, it’s clear that .

Marvel’s release strategy on Netflix is currently exceeding all expectations, but as no one has really done this before, it’s still important to not blaze too far ahead. This is why it’s good that the writers behind both Daredevil and Jessica Jones will have plenty of time to flesh out their ideas ready for each hero’s next turn in the spotlight.

As Kilgrave has already been taken care of and , the show runners behind Daredevil and Jessica Jones will be unrestricted by enemies from the past. Let’s just hope the superhero bubble doesn’t burst in the meantime.

Which Daredevil Storylines Do We Expect To See?

The Man Without Fear [Via Netflix]

The Man Without Fear [Via Netflix]
  • Now that Daredevil has successfully established itself as a separate entity to the Ben Affleck film, Season Three could be the ideal time to finally bring The Man Without Fear’s . There’s a plethora of storylines that could be used to propel , including the moment when he murdered several nuns to the times when he killed both Elektra and Karen, the two women that Matt loves the most.
  • If Elektra meets her demise in The Defenders, working alongside The Hand, the writers behind Daredevil could potentially introduce the deaf vigilante Echo into Season Three, whose ability to mimic any fighting style could make her one of the most memorable characters depicted on the show yet. Echo also shares a fascinating history with Wilson Fisk and her disability provides an interesting parallel to Murdock himself that could be explored more thoroughly through a full season arc.
  • Murdock has always worked best in the shadows, so it would be a fascinating twist if the writers decided to tackle the 2002 storyline ‘Out‘, where Daredevil’s secret identity is leaked to the press. Not only would this completely change the dynamic of the show, providing more opportunity to explore the courtroom side of Murdock’s character, but this could also provide who would be undoubtedly affected when one of their own is unmasked.

Which Jessica Jones Storylines Do We Expect To See?

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix
  • While we still need time to see Jessica Jones work more as a private investigator, it’s entirely possible that the show will evolve to reflect her progression in the comics. Not only does Jones takes a job at The Daily Bugle, working alongside iconic Spider-Man characters such as J. Jonah Jameson, but she also marries Luke Cage, has a child with him and even joins the Avengers.
[Via Netflix]
  • The seeds have also been sown for Jessica Jones’s best friend Patsy Walker to finally embrace her superhero identity, Hellcat, although we’re guessing that the show will probably avoid that time she married Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Supernatural elements are certainly going to come more into play as the MCU expands, but this could be a step too far for the urban street-based show.
  • Finally, while Kilgrave won’t return any time soon, it’s important that the program doesn’t immediately dismiss the psychological trauma that Jessica Jones endured at his hands, as this was such an integral part of Season One. Nuke will probably be the primary antagonist for the next season as he’s already appeared on the show in his civilian guise of Frank Simpson. However, the writers may also consider adapting a recent Daredevil storyline where Kilgrave’s offspring appear, sharing both their father’s mind control abilities and his abusive personality.

While I’m tempted to drink even more alcohol than Jessica Jones just to make the wait for these new shows pass by quicker, alcoholism isn’t pretty, which is why we recommend you pass the time by watching this insanely brilliant fight scene from the second season of Daredevil instead.

What do you think will happen in Season Three of Daredevil and Season Two of Jessica Jones?


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