Which MCU Characters Will Definitely Return To Appear In Marvel’s Black Panther Movie?

Every time Marvel releases a film the whole world sits up and takes notice, but among the numerous superhero movies scheduled, , expanding the MCU with more diverse representation.

Little is known yet about , but there are some particular characters who have already appeared in the MCU that could take a key role in the upcoming film, so join us as we figure out who we think will appear alongside T’Challa in his first solo venture.

Winter Soldier

The last time we saw the Winter Soldier was at the end of Captain America: Civil War, where Bucky was placed in cryogenic sleep so that Cap could work on a way to cure his murderous tendencies.

As the scene ended, it became apparent that Winter Soldier was being kept in a jungle environment that looked remarkably like Wakanda, the kingdom that T’Challa now presides over following the death of his father.

They weren’t always best buds though.

Marvel’s post-credit scenes usually signpost what’s coming in future movies and what we already suspect, suggesting that the Winter Soldier will almost certainly appear in the solo Black Panther movie. Let’s just hope the Wakandan scientists have managed to develop some kind of therapy for Bucky or the kingdom’s population may take a sudden dip in numbers.

Ulysses Klaw

Seems like everyone wants a bionic arm these days.

Seems like everyone wants a bionic arm these days.

Like all good superheroes, Black Panther is plagued by a number of , but none have caused more trouble for T’Challa than Ulysses Klaw. The thief’s obsession with Wakanda’s vibranium stores has caused the two to regularly clash over the years, so it would make sense that Marvel would want to explore this shared history, particularly as Klaw is already part of the MCU.

The last time we saw Klaw was in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the robot ripped his left arm off following an altercation between the two.

In the comics, Klaw replaces his lost limb with a cybernetic arm that utilizes sound technology, transforming him into a powerful adversary for the King of Wakanda.

Andy Serkis is a major talent and it would be a huge surprise if Marvel didn’t work him into the Black Panther movie somehow, especially after taking the trouble to establish him already.

Everett Ross

Freeman is overjoyed to join the MCU.

Freeman is overjoyed to join the MCU.

Alongside T’Challa and the Kingdom of Wakanda, Captain America: Civil War also introduced Everett Ross into MCU continuity for the first time. So far, Martin Freeman’s portrayal of the diplomat has focused on his attempts to try and regulate the Avengers through the Sokovia Accords, but we’ll definitely see more of him in upcoming Marvel films.

In the comics, Ross works closely alongside T’Challa, regularly escorting him during visits to the US. Out of all the upcoming Marvel movies, it would make the most sense to use Ross next in the Black Panther film, enlarging his role and potentially providing Freeman the chance to inject some of his trademark humor into the role.

Who says government officials can’t be fun, right?

Dora Milaje

Earrings for days.

Earrings for days.

Wakanda became one of the richest countries in the world thanks to the precious metal vibranium, which can only be found in T’Challa’s kingdom. Unsurprisingly, this attracted many undesirable elements who tried to ransack Wakanda for all its worth, so the Royal Family employed a sect of elite female warriors called Dora Milaje to protect them.

We already met a member the Dora Milaje briefly before in Captain America: Civil War, who confronts Black Widow when she recruits T’Challa for Team Iron Man. The fact that Marvel chose to include this scene suggests that this isn’t the last time we’ll see these expert combatants, one of whom could if the rumors are to be believed.

And then there’s this guy.

On top of all of the aforementioned characters on this list, there’s also a chance that major players like Dr. Strange or Captain America and his new Avengers team could appear to lend the Black Panther a hand, but these possibilities all remain wishful thinking at this point.

Who do you think will appear in Marvel’s Black Panther movie?

This guy might pop up at some point.