Which of the Flash’s Villains Could Make The Jump To The Big Screen?

At this point we’ve all heard the news about , scheduled to appear in theaters in 2018. Some were devastated to hear that the lead of The CW TV series, Grant Gustin, . Instead, (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) will be taking on the speedster’s role.

So far we know very little regarding the much-anticipated flick, but that gives us fans ample time to speculate and hypothesize. As the plot remains undisclosed, we are free to imagine whichever villains we choose. So which ones would we want to see in The Flash movie first? *cough* The Rogues *cough*

Grant Gustin (L) & Ezra Miller (R)/The CW/Summit Entertainment

Grant Gustin (L) & Ezra Miller (R)/The CW/Summit Entertainment

Which Type Of Villain Should The Flash (Movie) Run Toward Or Away From?

Zoom (L) & Reverse Flash (R)/The CW

Zoom (L) & Reverse Flash (R)/The CW

Given the choice in casting, it’s been confirmed that DC aspires to differentiate the movie and TV series. While many of The Flash’s enemies have made appearances on The CW show, the majority of the two seasons have focused on Barry Allen’s rival speedsters. With the upcoming Justice League movie, we also don’t want to take away from the hype of The Flash’s speed by including any opposition.

It makes sense for DC not to create its own competition, which would mean the two productions would have to be distinguishable enough from one another to avoid potential comparisons. Besides, it’s much more interesting to see something you haven’t already seen.

Which Of The Flash’s Enemies Should Appear?

Rogues Featured On The Flash/The CW

Rogues Featured On The Flash/The CW

Following this logic, the cinematic experience is better off focusing on The Flash’s other major villains, namely the Rogues. Thus far on the show, we have been introduced to Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Pied Piper, and Captain Boomerang. These are all great characters that we’d be more than thrilled to see on the big screen (even if it means recasting Wentworth Miller).

Including the Rogues is also great for the production company to make more money as it gives amply opportunity to extend the franchise. Not only in merchandise and events, but in spin-offs featuring one or more of the villains. Let’s not pretend we don’t love our DC criminals… After all, hasn’t even been released yet and it’s already unleashed havoc on Earth.

Which Rogue Should Get A Moment In The Spotlight?

Mirror Master (L) & The Top (R)/DC Comics

Mirror Master (L) & The Top (R)/DC Comics

We have no idea what’s in store for Season 3 of The Flash — and consequently the rest of the DC TV shows. Therefore, it is highly possible for the remainder of the Rogues to be introduced on the show before the big screen adaptation is released. (At least that’s what we’re hoping for). In the meantime, this still is not the case, so we might as well focus on what is missing. In other words, and the Top.

Now that we’ve established which two villains take precedent in our excitement for The Flash movie, let’s dig into their pasts to see how it might solidify their candidacies. Besides, who doesn’t love uncovering the dirty little secrets of a proper villain?

Sam Scudder a.k.a. The Mirror Master

For those who haven’t read the comics, here’s a little background on the , a nemesis of The Flash and a member of the Rogues. Like many comic book characters (including The Flash), Mirror Master has taken on several identities as opposed to just one. While each version is fascinating, we want to focus on Barry Allen’s contemporary: Sam Scudder.

If you hadn’t already guessed from his name, Mirror Master utilizes mirrors to his advantage — shocking. Scudder was a convicted criminal mastermind fascinated by mirror weaponry. He experimented with a hall of mirrors until he figured out how to enter his own reflection.

The Rogue member conjures supernatural effects via these mirrors, which include the powers of holograms, physical transformations, invisibility, hypnotism, as well as communications and travel into different dimensions (such as a parallel universe or plane of existence). He also owns a Mirror Gun, granting him access to the Mirror World. Hopefully, Barry Allen isn’t superstitious because he’ll hopefully be breaking a lot of mirrors in his future.

Roscoe Dillon a.k.a. The Top

The Top/DC Comics

The Top/DC Comics

Roscoe Dillon is a crook who utilizes tops, his childhood obsession, as a means to exercise his psychotic criminal mastermind to its fullest. For those of you who grew up in a cave, a top is a toy designed to rapidly spin while remaining balanced on the ground.

Dillon taught himself how to spin faster than an ice skater — mimicking a top — at an extremely high speed. Not only is the Top fast enough to deflect bullets, but his powers also stimulate his brain cells, thus enhancing his evil intelligence. Over time, he becomes so smart that he inherits psionic mental powers, extending to telepathy and telekinesis.

What Do Sam Scudder And Roscoe Dillon Have In Common (Besides Evil)?

Besides being supernatural criminal masterminds, enemies of The Flash, and members of the Rogues, Sam Scudder And Roscoe Dillon also share a taste in women. Obviously, they’re into the evil villain type.

Dillon developed a romantic relationship with Golden Glider while coaching her in ice skating. Golden Glider, who happens to be Captain Cold’s sister, is an Olympic level figure skater, which means the Top was not only a compatible love interest, but also a good coach.

Interestingly enough, Sam Scudder also had a minor “thing” with Golden Glider in the New 52 reboot. This could create an interesting dynamic if The Flash movie decides to ignore the timeline and mix things up. Three is already a crowd, but add some mirrors in the midst and some drama is bound to occur between the villains. At least this won’t have an effect on Cisco’s game in The CW series.

Which villain would you like to see fight against Barry Allen in The Flash movie?


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