Which Of These 4 CW Superheroes Will Come Out As Gay In The Flarrowverse?

Announcements about the CW’s fall line-up are flying in faster than Supergirl on Velocity 9! It’s just been confirmed that , on Supergirl and the next Big Bad on The Flash will be none other than Savitar.

That’s not all though. At the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Thursday, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that a character on The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will come out next season;

“One of the characters on one of the shows is going to be exploring their sexuality and coming out… We’re very excited about that.”

Even Arrow’s smiling! [Via CW]

When pressed to reveal which character would be exploring their sexuality, the producers remained deliberately vague. CW mastermind Greg Berlanti explained that;

““It is a significant character. The only reason we wouldn’t [say] is we really want the audience to enjoy the character developments and not necessarily be ahead of the storyline.”

Hmmmm, sure. [Via CW]

Hmmmm, sure. [Via CW]

Did The CW Give Us Any More Clues?

Based on that information alone, it appears that literally any prominent character on any one of the four CW superhero shows could reveal themselves to be gay or bisexual when the new line-up hits this fall, leaving us entirely in the dark as to this character’s identity. Where the hell is Dr Light when you need her?

Where's the World's Greatest Detective when you need him? [Via CW]

Where’s the World’s Greatest Detective when you need him? [Via CW]

However, Berlanti discussed this new development in more depth after the panel with a small group of reporters, saying that;

“I think it’s important that people know we want to include a character who happens to be gay in the show. We had a character who we discussed that as a possibility last year internally, and it didn’t materialize. We didn’t get to the story. We just didn’t have enough real estate to deal with it in the way that we wanted to deal with it. So this year, when we were planning this season, we said to the network and studio that it was a priority for us. And everyone was cool with it.”

While it’s not explicitly stated here, there’s a strong implication that whoever will come out is someone that we’ve already seen before in the previous season of the CW shows, which rules out new characters like or Characters who haven’t been romantically entangled with anyone so far are likely candidates, although there’s also a chance that the CW could take a previously straight character and develop their sexuality somewhere further along the LGBT spectrum.

Arrow — Could It Be Evelyn Sharp?

Well, she looks stable. [Via CW]

Well, she looks stable. [Via CW]

Openly gay and will return to Arrow in Season Five, hopefully fighting as Arsenal once again, but his character has been heavily involved with Oliver’s sister Thea in the past, leading us to believe that one of his successors may be revealed as bisexual or gay instead.

Evelyn Sharp first appeared briefly in Season Four as a Black Canary copycat, but now it’s been confirmed that she will return and join Team Arrow in the role of Artemis, another bow-wielding vigilante who should fill the gap left by Thea’s early retirement.

Will she be as good as Speedy though? [Via CW]

Will she be as good as Speedy though? [Via CW]

While there aren’t any characters called Evelyn Sharp in the comics, there is a bisexual hero called Evelyn Crawford who became a prominent member of Black Canary’s team Birds of Prey in the role of Starling. Although her codename was neither Black Canary or Artemis, Starling is clearly linked to Arrow’s latest addition to the team, whose full name is actually Evelyn Crawford Sharp.

CW have already made huge changes to Evelyn in her transition from the comics to TV, but there’s a chance that her bisexuality will remain intact when Sharp returns in Season Five of Arrow.

Supergirl — Could It Be Alex Danvers?

Professional bad ass [Via CW]

Professional bad ass [Via CW]

We already know that police detective Maggie Sawyer is set to join Supergirl and the gang in Season Two, prompting us to speculate However, Sawyer is a new addition to the program, and it’s unclear whether she will become a prominent member of the cast yet. Thus, it’s entirely possible that Supergirl may explore LGBT themes more through another character in relation to Maggie.

The majority of Supergirl’s cast have become embroiled in various romantic attachments so far, with the notable exception of Kara’s sister, Alex Danvers. Sure, she’s shared some sexual chemistry with the enigmatic Max Lord, but the only date the two shared was actually a ruse designed to distract Max from Supergirl’s agenda.

Sneaaaaaaky [Via CW]

Admittedly, Alex and Max did hold hands briefly in the Season One finale, suggesting that the writers may be sowing the seeds for a romance in the future. But this seemingly romantic action did take place in the face of impending doom, so it could have come about through fear and nothing more.

Alex’s position at the DEO will inevitably lead to scenes shared with Sawyer, another officer of the law, so there’s a chance that the two may spark it off, perhaps even kicking off a bisexual love triangle between Danvers, Sawyer and Lord. The show’s also bringing in a new character called Miss Martian, so clearly, stranger things have happened.

Like how no one can tell Kara is Supergirl because of her glasses [Via CW]

Like how no one can tell Kara is Supergirl because of her glasses [Via CW]

See also:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — Could It Be Captain Cold?

That's not at all phallic. No siree! [Via CW]

That’s not at all phallic. No siree! [Via CW]

Yes, we know that Captain Cold died in the first season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but the openly gay actor Wentworth Miller recently confirmed that he’s signed a new deal with CW, confirming that his character will return for Season Two and the next season of The Flash too.

In an interview with IMDB, Miller revealed that he’s worked hard to develop the character from his villainous comic book origins into someone far more progressive, stating that he’s more interested in Leonard Smart as a ‘throw-forward’ than a ‘throwback’:

“And I’m exploring that in a variety of ways, one of which is his style of dress. Very fashion forward, very edgy. And another is his presentation as a character. There are moments where you’re going to find him in a pose that seems maybe stereotypically masculine. There’s another moment where you’ll find him in a pose that seems stereotypically feminine. I like the fact that he kind of is comfortable with himself no matter what label you might want to apply. He’s, in fact, beyond labels perhaps, which is the mark of a progressive man.”

Progressive AF [Via CW]

Progressive AF [Via CW]

It’s worth noting here that Snart has only been involved romantically with one character of note so far — the bisexual heroine Sara Lance — but Miller is clearly keen to push the boundaries of Captain Cold’s persona further, imbuing his performance with sexually fluid and androgyous traits that could be explored more explicitly by the writers in his future appearances.

The Flash — Could It Be Kid Flash?

In a show regularly overcrowded with evil speedsters, it’ll be refreshing to see someone gain power over the speed force who actually wants to help Barry out for once, rather than just .

THIS guy [Via CW]

THIS guy [Via CW]

Keiynan Lonsdale’s evolution into the hero Kid Flash looks like it will be a highlight of Season Three, but we’re far more interested in the development of his personal life. So far, Wally West hasn’t been part of any romantic relationships on the show, save a few meaningful glances exchanged with fellow future speedster Jesse Quick. Instead, the focus on Lonsdale’s character has been heavily geared towards his gradual integration into the West family unit. Now that Wally is truly part of Team Flash, isn’t it about time that he found love of a more romantic nature?

Too much family love would get weird real quick [Via CW]

Too much family love would get weird real quick [Via CW]

If the show runners do decide to make Wally West bisexual or gay on The Flash, it’s worth noting that the prominet hero has always been portrayed as heterosexual in the comics before. Such a move could spark controversy among fans who feel that certain character traits shouldn’t be tampered with in the move from page to screen.

Does that costume even fit him right? [Via CW]

Does that costume even fit him right? [Via CW]

However, the CW already have a strong track record when it comes to diversifying the characters they portray in each of the four shows, never resorting to either tokenism or potentially harmful stereotypes. In terms of sexual orientation alone, characters like Arrow’s Curtis Holt and Hartley Rathaway on The Flash have taken huge strides forward for LGBT representation.

It could be argued that CW are deliberately baiting LGBT audiences by announcing that a prominent character will be portrayed as gay without announcing who it will actually be, but we’ll reserve any judgement until we’ve seen how this development plays out in the fall.

In the meantime, check out the latest promo for Season Three of The Flash to see Wally West decked out in his new superhero costume, complete with shiny spandex.

Who do you think will come out in the next season of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, or DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

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