Who Should Lead DC’s ‘Justice League’?

may have had its problems, but it did successfully kickstart a cinematic universe for characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash who will form the in Zack Snyder’s assembling of gods.

Looking past David Ayer’s and Patty Jenkins’ movies to the assembling of the Justice League, there is a very important question that nobody seems to be asking – who will lead the Justice League? Zack Snyder made it very clear that he wanted Bruce Wayne to be the one who gets the team together, but Batman doesn’t play well with others and given Superman’s current predicament he is in no condition to lead either.

Justice League is set for release in 2017, and we suspect that Superman will still be dead when the movie opens, so who will the team look to for leadership when they need it most?

The Flash

While Ezra Miller’s Flash might be the most powerful character in the DC Extended Universe, I’m not sure the character has what it takes to lead the Justice League, it just doesn’t suit his personality. Yes Barry is a great help when the team needs it, but he’s also the guy to crack jokes and make saving the world a good time.

I would personally love to see The Flash as the younger brother in the League. Someone everyone can look at to lighten the mood, in the same way that Iron Man isn’t the leader of the Avengers, but a necessary part of the team.


Aquaman is a born leader. As the king of Atlantis, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has the needed leadership qualities to control the Justice League, however, he doesn’t always have the best relationship with us surface dwellers.

It’s also worth noting that current rumours claim Aquaman and Atlantis will be some kind of in the first Justice League movie if so the League won’t exactly hand him control of their power.


I’m sorry but this is the least likely contender. Cyborg is the League’s muscle, and a great help to the team, but looking at comics and animation, the character doesn’t contend with the likes of Wonder Woman for the leadership of the Justice League.

Don’t forget, Justice League will be Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash’s introduction to the DCEU, so I wouldn’t expect any of them to step into a leadership role.

That leaves the Trinity.


Like I said above, Batman would make a great leader for the Justice League, but at times (especially in the DCEU) the character can be unstable, and paranoid which doesn’t always make for a good leader. Batman is the guy the League would call if they needed his expertise, he’s not the permanent leader of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman

This is the most obvious choice. With Superman in the ground, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is likely the one the Justice League would trust most. When it comes down to her and Batman, she’s the most skilled fighter in the DC Extended Universe and has been around for a while, giving her the most experience. It’s also worth noting that her solo movie will lead straight into Justice League.


The Superman we know in the wouldn’t be the best leader for the Justice League. The character questions who he is, why he’s here and doesn’t know if he is a force of good or evil and to lead the Justice League he would need to be completely aware of what he is, and what the world needs.

It is worth saying that at the end of Batman v Superman, Superman did discover his purpose on earth, and made the ultimate sacrifice to save lives. This is the first step for the DCEU Superman to become the icon we know and love, and to become the worthy leader of the Justice League. I have no doubt that when Superman makes his glorious return, he will be a different man than the one we met in Batman v Superman and will be the leader that the Justice League deserves.

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