Why A True ‘Monsters, Inc. 2’ Needs To Happen Sooner Rather Than Later

For a little over two decades Pixar has been gracing our screens with the very best animation in the movie making industry. In those 21 years we’ve seen five sequels and by 2019 . Some of those sequels have made total sense to make, namely the two installments of the Toy Story franchise following the huge success of Pixar’s very first feature film. On the other hand, Pixar’s decision to keep making sequels to the 2006 film Cars has baffled many fans as we eagerly await the , especially now that Pixar has declared it will but rather, focusing on original movies. But that means that some Pixar films that truly need sequels might not get them now. One of my favorite Pixar movies, Monsters, Inc., had a prequel made but never a true Monsters, Inc. 2 sequel – and it needs one. Badly.

How Would A Monsters, Inc. 2 Work?

The great thing about Pixar is they know how to finish a movie, but still leave the possibility open to make another movie out of the idea. For Monsters, Inc. the original movie ended perfectly: the evil Randell and Mr. Waternoose were defeated, the scare factory had turned into a laugh factory, and Boo was returned safely to her real home by the lovable “Kitty.” Due to this ending, though, there is a perfect way to expand the story of Mike and Sully in a true sequel to the classic Pixar flick.

Monsters, Incorporated Transformed Into A Laugh Factory

Imagine: Mike Wazowski is in charge of reshaping the once grand scare factory into the Monsters’ world-leading creator of laugh-based electric power. However, for many monsters, the progressive idea of leaving the sacred monstrous tradition of scaring children behind probably wouldn’t sit very well. And thus, we can find our main antagonist for a sequel. The sequel would see Mike and Sully team up once again against the world as they fight for the children of the human world. In the original movie, there were really two main antagonists and the whole world was against them, so the villain of the sequel would have to able to match the monstrosity of those evil guys.

What Would The Villain’s Motives Be?

The villain would have to be a monster that wants to see the factory returned to making children scream in terror instead of seeing them burst into laughter. Based in tradition, the monster world would have a hard time accepting that laughter was a better source of energy than scaring. The villain would be the key figure in the movement to scare children once again as they did in the old days. He or she would have to be a monster that could challenge Mike and Sully to the furthest extent of their abilities. Perhaps the sequel could even be loosely based on the comics made in 2009 in which Waternoose escaped from prison to wreak his revenge on Mike and Sully.

Despite Monsters University being a pretty decent movie, it was definitely missing something special in the sequel department if you loved the first (or if you subscribe to the latest , anyway). However, many fans, myself included, would have loved to see a true sequel to Monsters, Inc. in Monsters, Inc. 2 and as we see above the ending to the original has left plenty of room to make a wonderful sequel.

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