Why DC Got It Right With The ‘Justice League’ Trailer

In a shocking announcement at Comic-Con, we were not only treated to the first official poster of Justice League, for the upcoming film. Despite initial criticism of DC’s Extended Universe, fans have been quick to praise Justice League, with the trailer receiving overwhelming acclaim.

Check the trailer out below:

It’s pretty clear to see why even the most passionate critics have been caught off-guard by just how good the Justice League trailer is. Granted, it doesn’t give away too much and mainly focuses on Batman — but more Batman is always a good thing. However, it’s incredibly satisfying to see the other heroes in action. It’s also refreshing to see some drastic changes have taken place regarding the film’s tone.

After DC and Zack Snyder were criticized for the , it’s pretty obvious that they were quick to apply some effective changes for the production of Justice League. Let’s take a look at how DC has triumphantly silenced their critics with the amazing Justice League teaser trailer.

The Lighter Tone

Bat-Smile: Affleck as Bruce Wayne in "Justice League".
Bat-Smile: Affleck as Bruce Wayne in “Justice League”.

Let’s be honest, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice divided a lot of people. Whether you were a fan or not, it’s undeniable that the film had an overwhelmingly grim tone. This grim tone had many fans threatening to give up on DC’s Extended Universe all together. However, this trailer is effectively DC’s response to those critics.

The Justice League trailer is rife with comedy, infectious characters and even a little Bat-humor! Granted, the color is still a little grim, but that’s to be expected as pretty much all of the scenes in the trailer are dark ones — bare in mind, there’s still a lot of production to be done on the film. And the color isn’t really noticeable, as the overwhelming tone of the trailer is one of a fun, epic blockbuster. From the music in the background to the comedy throughout, one would be forgiven for thinking this film doesn’t belong to the same franchise as its predecessors.

By the looks of things, Snyder and DC went back to the drawing board here and have really taken on board what the critics and fans said. Justice League looks nothing like Batman v Superman and I’m incredibly excited to see more.

The Focus On Batman

The Dark Knight: Ben Affleck as Batman.
The Dark Knight: Ben Affleck as Batman.

Despite the criticism of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, fans seemed to agree on one thing — Ben Affleck was amazing as Bruce Wayne/Batman. So, it’s only fitting that Snyder and DC made sure the focus remained on one of their strongest characters for the sequel. Bruce seemingly keeps the promise he made in Batman v Superman and goes out to search for the heroes, tracking down Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Thus, from the trailer it looks like Justice League could be Bruce’s redemption as he seeks to redeem himself after getting it so wrong in Batman v Superman. It also looks like he’s having one heck of a great time doing it, cracking smiles and jokes — almost unthinkable for a character like Batman.

Also by his side is Wonder Woman, the other equally strong character from the previous film (who also got an amazing, ). Maintaining the focus on the two most well-received performers from the previous film is a great move by DC. And if the back and forth comedy between Bruce and Diana is anything to go by, Justice League is going to be a fun-ride!

The Introduction Of The Other Heroes

Heroes Are Born: The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.
Heroes Are Born: The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

The addition of the other heroes give the trailer a completely new dynamic. Of course, the majority of the trailer focuses on Batman and Wonder Woman searching for these heroes. However, there is a fair amount of time spent of introducing us to The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. And each of them add a completely new dynamic to the film that was absent in Batman v Superman.

We are introduced to Aquaman, who doesn’t have time for chit chat — not even with Batman. The two exchange quite an interesting few words, with Batman shockingly being the more light-hearted of the two. While we don’t get to see to much of Cyborg just yet, there is an incredible shot of him talking to Batman at the end of the trailer, which just increases our desire to see him in the next trailer.

Without a doubt, the best introduction was of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, who has quite an intriguing conversation with Bruce Wayne. What stood out so significantly was how different Miller’s characterization of Barry is from Grant Gustin’s portrayal on the CW TV series The Flash. and it’s great to see that Miller has switched things up to create a new kind of “adorkable” Barry. Miller’s comedy is infectious and he is one of the best new things that the trailer introduced us to.

The Reveal Of The Flash

Fastest Man Alive: Ezra Miller as The Flash.
Fastest Man Alive: Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Ever since the critically acclaimed The Flash TV series debuted on The CW, fans have been asking questions about the upcoming film. When it also announced that Grant Gustin would not be appearing in the film and that the role of Barry Allen/The Flash would be portrayed by Ezra Miller, it immediately caused speculation as to how they would differentiate the two Barrys and perhaps more importantly, the two Flashes.

Despite teasing us with a somewhat unnecessary future sequence in Batman v Superman featuring a cameo from Ezra Miller in a highly robotic-looking Flash suit, fans weren’t sure or convinced that this was the final suit. Thus, the speculation continued. Until now. The Justice League trailer not only properly introduced us to Barry Allen, it introduced us to The Flash.

Seeing Ezra Miller in an all red, sleek and shiny Flash suit gave me chills. I have to commend DC for choosing their moment wisely, because finally revealing the Flash to us in this unexpected trailer at Comic-Con has achieved exactly what they wanted. The world is talking about the Flash once again. And now we know that he will have a somewhat loyal to the comics outfit just heightens our anticipation to see Miller in action as the Scarlet Speedster.

The League Assembles

Heroes Unite: The Justice League.
Heroes Unite: The Justice League.

According to Bruce, “an enemy is coming, from far away” and thus, he seeks out these other superheroes to unite and save the world. This is far more of a compelling story than the whole “The League United because of an e-mail” debacle from Batman v Superman.

Just as the critically acclaimed Justice League animated series brought the heroes together, this trailer alludes to a similar occurrence in the film. And that sounds like a story we had been hoping for.

Keeping Superman’s Fate A Mystery

Man Of Steel: Henry Cavill as Superman.

Man Of Steel: Henry Cavill as Superman.

Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel was noticeably absent from the entire Justice League trailer. Of course, we know he died, but isn’t really dead in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and . It was confirmed when Cavill’s name was revealed to be second on the cast list, under Ben Affleck’s Batman.

These days, film trailers have an annoying tendency to spoil some of the biggest twists in their respective films (we’re looking at you Terminator: Genisys). Thankfully, this is not the case here as we don’t even catch a glimpse of Superman. This is yet another decision I must commend DC on. They have given us so much already and yet, left so much a mystery. I’m sure we will all be cheering emotionally when Superman returns in the film, but for now, we can rest assured knowing that the Man Of Steel will resurface — we just don’t know how yet!

Heroes Unite!

So with the unexpected treat of a Justice League trailer, we can revel in excitement for the continuation of the DC Extended Universe. We can also sit in awe of DC dropping anything that fans didn’t like about Batman v Superman, yet maintaining the aspects that people loved. They also gave us a whole lot more with the introduction of The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman as well as the impending threat. By revealing this trailer now, they have single-handedly reinvigorated interest in their franchise and ensured that the world will be talking about Justice League. This trailer may have been short, but it was undoubtedly effective!

Did you enjoy the Justice League trailer? Are you excited for the film’s release? Let us know in the comments!


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