Why Mara Wilson Coming Out After the Orlando Tragedy is Important

According to , on June 12th, what’s been called the ” worst mass shooting in U.S. history”; has resulted in forty-nine lives being lost, and fifty-three people being wounded. During early Sunday morning, Omar Mateen used an assault rifle and pistol to shoot several attendees at Pulse (a gay nightclub). This horrific scene was physically ended after Mateen was killed during a police shoot out. Since, then there’s been debates on gun control, terrorism and the motivation behind the attack. Fortunately, there’s been support for the wounded (five-thousand and five units of blood were collected in Orlando) and many people have expressed their sympathies by leaving flowers outside the club. However, reported that the LGBTQ community is (understandably) still in shock and coping with the incident. And despite the tremendous progress we’ve made towards being more accepting of each other’s sexuality; this horrific event has left many (who are still “in the closet”) questioning whether they should come out or not.

This is where Mara Wilson comes in. A former child star who famously appeared in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire recently announced she was bisexual. The day after the incident she posted a picture of herself at gay club (when she was eighteen) and about her experience there, how she felt welcomed by the LGBTQ community and her sexuality. Below is an excerpt taken from one of these tweets.

“But the LGBTQ community has always felt like home, especially a few years later when I, uh, learned something about myself.”

This news has resulted in positive and negative feedback. Those who’ve been positive commended Wilson about finally coming out, her honesty and support for the community. Although, others who’ve been negative have accused Wilson of sharing this news for attention, and garnering publicity for her book. However, what those people have failed to realize is that Wilson generally likes to stay under the radar. The former actress is now a prolific writer, and She herself was surprised by the viral reaction of her comments, but thanked fans for their support.

“I think I’m going to stay off Twitter for a few days. I had no idea this would be such a thing, but I guess it’s flattering.”

“Thank you so much to everybody who has sent me words of support. I support you all, too. ❤️”

According to , Wilson hasn’t elaborated any further on the subject. So, some of you may wonder why is this news important, especially now? Well, actors or anyone of renowned have used their fame for good or selfish reasons. And (this is all based on my opinion) maybe Wilson felt that if she shared this info that others who are hesitant (following the massacre) to reveal their sexuality will feel welcomed and open to be themselves (and not feel afraid to embrace their entire identity). In the , Wilson was repeatedly told by fans of Matilda that they resonated with her character because they shared Matilda’s feelings of loneliness and exclusion for being different. So, maybe she felt she was reaching a similar audience and hoped that those who saw these tweets wouldn’t feel threatened. Again, this is all guessing.

Regardless of her motivation, it was still remarkable to announce this. I genuinely don’t believe she said this to receive buzz. And if there’s anyone who saw her post, and felt a bit more comfortable with themselves, then that’s a feat in itself. It’s going to take a LONG time before the dust settles, and nothing’s going to return exactly back to normal (especially for the families of these victims). Yet, we need to remember that we all stick together and belong as one.


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