Why ‘Me Before You’ is the Best Romantic Film This Year!

I remember seeing the trailer a month or two ago and thinking, that looks pants I dont think I fancy that. Then pretty much I woke up one morning and thought, I need to see this.

So in Britain especially, romance means a lot to us, we love Richard Curtis films like Notting Hill and Love Actually. Ever since watching the film I have wanted to return to watch this film again. Don’t do what I did and plan to turn your eyes away from this film, it is a wonderful creation that is for sure up there with the classic Richard Curtis films – although a story so heart-warming and heart destroying isn’t something you’d find in a Curtis film!

Opposites Attract

The film is about young Louisa Clark, played by the gorgeously amazing Emilia Clarke. Her cheerful persona begins to slow as she meets and worker as a caregiver for the practically paralyzed Will Traynor played by Sam Claflin.

The film starts with us witnessing Sam’s accident, and then is followed by Louisa getting redundancy from her job. For a short time we are given an insight to the both of their lives to gain a better understanding of how these two characters are complete opposites of each other.

Will’s cynical outlook starts to change when Louisa shows him that life is worth living. As their bond deepens, their lives and hearts change in ways neither one could have imagined. Let me tell you now, the film is a tearful one.

Character Development

As the film goes on, I must say you initially hate Sam, until Louisa begins to turn his life around. A few jokes are put in place now and then, but for the first 50 minutes we see how these two characters will not interact and merely hate each other.

Louisa is having problems with her fitness-driven boyfriend and money problems at home, so she becomes very stressed looking after a man who does not care for her help. However, when Sam’s best friend and ex-girlfriend turn up we see a different side begin to emerge, as they announce to Sam that they are getting married. Louisa obviously feels Sam’s pain and begins to turn Sam’s life around, making it worth living.

It has everything you need in a typical romance film!

The beautiful Emilia Clark is taken away from her typical scene of being stark naked in fire whilst the wonderfully handsome Sam Claflin is the hero in the sense that he takes Louisa on this journey to reliance and self-awareness of life. Overall, the film has some marvellous life lessons and sure makes you think about loving and living – and yes, it will make you cry.

At first glance, Emilia Clarke in my eyes didn’t seem like she was playing this character to her potential. I rather felt that she turned up and played herself, however my opinion changed during a scene where the two characters are on a beach. The camera looks into the face of Louisa for an endless amount of time, and during that time she goes from being happy and smiling to hysterically roaring her eyes out. It was here that I realized how great she is in this film.

The only thing I must say I was hoping for would have been a little joke shared between Emilia Clarke and Sam’s dad played by Charles Dance about Game of Thrones.

The Soundtrack Pulls on Your Heartstrings

The soundtrack for this movie was excellent! I have not stopped listening to the songs by Jack Garrat, Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors and I often return to these songs and feel so much feeling for Louisa and life in general.

I believe that if you go into this film thinking that these two actors are normal people playing normal roles, and appreciate how simple to plot is, you will enjoy it. We know that this isn’t going to be an Oscar-ridden film and there will always be people who dislike romance movies, but the film does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It delivers romance and a good time.

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