Why ‘Supergirl’ Would Suffer Without Cat Grant

The entire Supergirl fandom when they heard that the series had been renewed for . Not only was it renewed, but it was simultaneously announced that the Melissa Benoist series would be — the home of superhero television. Initially, we were all overjoyed with this news as it meant that there was now the possibility of more crossovers with The Flash and, of course, Supergirl‘s .

However, due to the unusual network jump, there is the possibility that Supergirl could lose Calista Flockhart and her fierce character Cat Grant as the production will have to move to Vancouver. As Flockhart does not reside in Vancouver, many have questioned whether or not she will make the trip. It’s a tricky situation but of course there is always the option for Flockhart to retain a recurring status on the show, as this would allow for her to take short trips to Vancouver and then head back home. If not, then it looks like Supergirl could lose one of its star attractions, which would be a devastating loss for not only the show but the fans as well.

Cat Grant was such a huge part of and it would definitely cause some issues for the writers if Flockhart is unable to return. Let’s take a look at why losing Cat Grant would be a terrible loss for Supergirl.

Supergirl’s Role Model

Inspirational — Cat Grant.

Inspirational — Cat Grant.

Although she can often be cold and abrasive, it’s made clear from the pilot episode that Kara has a lot of respect for Cat. Cat is a woman who started at the bottom and worked her way up the male dominated food chain — this is similar to what Kara hopes to achieve in her career. Moreover, Kara as Supergirl also sees Cat as inspirational and often turns to the media mogul in her hour of need.

One could argue that Cat is becoming Supergirl’s equivalent of Batman’s Alfred — the one person who knows what to do when all hope is lost. Similarly, although she would never admit it, Cat sees Supergirl as as something of a role model — Supergirl is the kind of female figure that Cat wishes she would’ve had to look up to in her younger years. Together, the pair mould each other into the best versions of themselves.

What Would Become Of CatCo Media?

Cat's legacy — CATCO Worldwide Media.

Cat’s legacy — CATCO Worldwide Media.

As I mentioned earlier, Cat Grant’s backstory is a large inspiration for the Girl of Steel and Cat often recites how she made her way up the food chain. Cat has what she’s strived so hard to achieve: Her own company. Losing Cat would render everything we know about the character obsolete, not to mention: What would become of CatCo media?

There is no possible way that Cat would abandon her pride and joy, especially now that she runs the biggest news agency in National City. Her mogul reputation was furthered after her company got several exclusive stories about Supergirl. Let’s not forget that it was Cat who named the heroine in the first place. Losing Cat Grant would be a hard bullet to swallow — it just wouldn’t comply with what we know about her as a character.

Kara’s Day Job Would Become Obsolete

Would you like some coffee Miss Grant?

Would you like some coffee Miss Grant?

Although Kara managed to graduate from Cat’s assistant to having her own office by the end of the first season, it’s more than likely that she would still spend large amounts of her day speaking with and doing errands for Cat. Moreover, assuming that the unlikely event of Cat leaving her company ever did occur, we find it hard to believe that Cat would leave Kara behind.

If Cat was no longer in the picture, then the writers would have to sculpt a whole new storyline for Kara’s daily routine which, along with the network jump, could be a lot for viewers to swallow. A lot of screen time is spent in the CatCo Media building, between Kara working for Cat or Kara in her secret crime-fighting room with Winn and James. Coming up with a new job for Kara and possibly a new location runs the risk of wasting a lot of screen time.

Cat’s Humor

Cat talking to Kara, or is it Kiera?

Cat talking to Kara, or is it Kiera?

Supergirl may be known for its remarkably light tone, but some of the villainous threats can be a lot to handle — specifically when they beat Kara to a pulp. Cat Grant not only provides inspiration, she also provides some much-needed levity. Every situation seems a little bit better with one of Cat’s remarkable quips or one-liners. Who could forget the time that Cat actually referenced Flockhart’s real life husband Harrison Ford? Or when she mistakenly calls Kara “Kiera” — although we think she started doing this deliberately — either way it’s still hilarious.

Calista Flockhart’s delivery is always excellent and the show would certainly suffer if we didn’t get to hear about Cat’s lattes and private lifts at least once an episode. Take note, CW!

Calista Flockhart Is Brilliant As Cat

Who could forget Ally McBeal?

Who could forget Ally McBeal?

There have been a few previous adaptations of Cat Grant but nobody has brought the character to life like Calista Flockhart. Cat isn’t necessarily a likable character in the Superman mythos, but Flockhart’s interpretation of Cat is arguably the best thing about the Supergirl TV series. The Ally McBeal legend has added a whole new depth to the character and her presence on the show has filled me with so much joy.

Moreover, now that we know that , we would love to see several scenes between Carter and Flockhart — two of the most powerful women in TV history. If Flockhart is unable to return then I’m pretty sure the producers would have to write the character out of the show because — let’s face it — nobody else could play the role. Flockhart is irreplaceable.

Let’s hope you’re part of that CW show, Miss Grant!

No official announcement has been made just yet, but we’re hoping that Flockhart will make the trip. We’d even accept a recurring status, because Supergirl without Flockhart’s Cat Grant isn’t the Supergirl that we fell in love with.

Do you think Calista Flockhart’s presence is vital to Supergirl‘s continued success? Let me know in the comment section below.


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