Why THAT Ant-Man Moment In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set Up A Young Avengers Movie

Tasked with bringing so many different superheroes into the fold, many people doubted that the Russos could make Captain America: Civil War coherent and focused. Boy, were the naysayers wrong. Even if they were only in the film for a few scenes, each secondary character got an interesting arc and a fantastic role in the Avenger v Avenger battle.Scott Lang, a.k.a. Ant-Man, was one of these secondary characters. Although his reasons for leaping into the fray are… shaky to say the least (he pretty much just wants to be included), Scott’s sense of humor really added to the film. Not to mention his awesome role in the climactic fight scene, which featured all the amazing effects we loved in his feature film.

"Who's speaking?!"

“Who’s speaking?!”

And then of course there was that huge reveal, when Scott risked tearing himself in half to become Giant-Man. This truly was a momentous occasion for the MCU: Giant-Man is a very popular form of Scott’s from the comics, and fans were eagerly awaiting the chance to see it on the big screen.Typically, Scott doesn’t often break out the Giant-Man trick, but there’s someone who does: Scott’s daughter, Cassie Lang a.k.a. Stature. Which means this moment in Civil War wasn’t just visually spectacular, it could also have been the Russos’ way of setting up a Young Avengers movie.

Giant-Man in 'Civil War'.

Giant-Man in ‘Civil War’.

The Young Avengers are a popular team from the Marvel comics, formed of a group of teens who take up the mantles of several Avengers. Among the members are Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Hulkling, America Chavez (Miss America), Elijah Bradley (Patriot), and Wanda Maximoff’s children: Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) and Tommy Shepherd (Speed). One of the Young Avengers has already appeared in the MCU, and this of course is Cassie Lang. Although she’s only 7 in Ant-Man, Cassie has the potential to bring the Young Avengers into the Cinematic Universe, and the appearance of Giant-Man in Civil War could be a subtle hint about this.

Cassie Lang as Stature in 'Young Avengers'.

Cassie Lang as Stature in ‘Young Avengers’.

Cassie is known as Stature, and she has the same abilities as her father thanks to being bombarded with Pym Particles. (In the comics, it’s the particles that give Scott his ability to change size, not the suit as in the MCU.) Although she can shrink too, Cassie usually opts to become gargantuan, which is why the Giant-Man cameo in Civil War was taken by many fans as a nod towards her role in the comics.
So will we see a Young Avengers movie? It’s more likely than you might expect, as the Russo brothers have already expressed an interest during Buzzfeed’s Tumblr Answertime.

Oh, and Marvel might have the perfect opportunity to do this sooner than we expected, thanks to Inhumans being indefinitely shelved. This movie was scheduled for 2019, which would make Cassie only eleven years old, unless Marvel retcon her age to be a little older (she could easily be ten years old in Ant-Man, as her age was never specified onscreen). Cassie’s role in a Young Avengers movie could be especially interesting for Scott Lang, as in the comics she travels back in time to save him from dying, only to die herself days later.

Cassie and Scott in 'The Children's Crusade'.

Cassie and Scott in ‘The Children’s Crusade’.

The possibilties for a Young Avengers movie are really exciting, as it could continue the themes of responsibility from Civil War, include awesome cameos (Clint Barton training Kate Bishop please!), and broaden the scope of the MCU. Of course this is all just wishful thinking, and we might have to wait a while before we find out whether Giant-Man’s role in Civil War really was setting up the Young Avengers… or if it was just a cool moment.
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