Why You Probably Don’t Need to Be Worried About Cap’s Big “Reveal”

Why You Probably Don’t Need to Be Worried About Cap’s Big “Reveal” by Matt Walz , May 25th, 2016 at 2:47pm Share on Facebook Share to TwitterSPOILERS BELOW FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #1Check Marvel’s Facebook page right now and you’ll see a deluge of anger about the shocking change to beloved character and comic icon Captain America. Writer Nick Spencer and his colleagues want us all to believe that Cap isn’t quite the icon of freedom he seems. In fact, they’d all have us believe that he’s actually a fascist member of the most persistent evil group in Marvel’s history-Hydra.But despite Marvel’s apparent confirmation of Cap’s true evil self, evidence on their own website seems to reveal it as a smokescreen. Let’s take a look.Description of Captain America: Steve Rogers #2I think it’s safe to say that “battling Hydra” doesn’t quite sound like “hailing Hydra”. Though it’s possible that it could be a misdirect, it seems unlikely. While the answers to interview questions about what exactly is going on here have been very specific that this is Steve, it wouldn’t be the first time that creators have been blatantly untruthful about characters. In fact, if he is for some reason a full on Hydra devotee, this description here won’t really be true, either.This Interview With Nick SpencerAccording to writer Nick Spencer, Steve is a peacemaker in the upcoming Civil War II storyline. Once again, this doesn’t seem to mesh with his supposedly Hydra-inspired fascist ideology. A superhero civil war would be great for the shadowy organization, and probably take down a few of their biggest enemies.Oh, and This Cover for Captain America: Steve Rogers #5Not exactly supportive of Hydra. Even if they argue that he’s playing the long game, 75 years is far from a believable timeline. He earned the world’s trust over and over. He defeated Hydra countless times. Dozens of times he could have powered Hydra to the top, were he in their ranks. But it never happened.The bottom line is that if you accept the EW interview with Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort at face value, you have to accept that all the above evidence is just Marvel being evasive or outright deceptive. If you believe that, than you have to admit that Spencer and Brevoort are possibly being evasive or deceptive in the aforementioned interview.So, fans, no need to give up yet. Steve Rogers will probably be back where you want soon.