Wild Dog: Get To Know The New Vigilante On ‘Arrow’

You may remember a couple of weeks ago it was announced that Arrow would be getting . We all , but now we have an answer.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new vigilante taking up residence in Star City will be none other than DC Comics character, Wild Dog.

EW reports that Rick Gonzalez has landed the role and will appear in a multi-episode arc of Arrow‘s fifth season.

Rick Gonzalez will star as Wild Dog (via EW)

Rick Gonzalez will star as Wild Dog (via EW)

Appearing in Action Comics for major story arcs from 1987-1989, the character hasn’t been featured too prominently since. Wild Dog is most certainly an interesting choice for Arrow as the character hasn’t really appeared in much off the comic book the pages.

Thus with a major platform like Arrow about to thrust him into the spotlight, let’s get to know Wild Dog a little bit better and explore what his storylines could mean for Arrow.

Wild Dog Was a Marine

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Before there was Wild Dog, there was Jack Wheeler — a bright, promising young athlete. After an injury forced him to drop out of college (which he went to on a football scholarship), Wheeler signed up to become a Marine. However, he quit once most of his squad was killed by a bomb.

With Arrow‘s John Diggle having served in the military, it’s possible that these two may have some interesting scenes, whether it’s exchanging stories or using their skills to outdo the other. It would certainly make for an interesting dynamic between the two characters.

Wild Dog’s Fiancée Was Killed

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Many of the most famous vigilantes and are driven by tragedy. Unfortunately, the same applies to Wild Dog. After losing some of his squad members, he also loses his fiancée, Claire Smith — the secret daughter of a Chicago mob boss — when she is killed by a hitman. Driven by the tragedy, Jack Wheeler takes up the mantle of Wild Dog.

It will be interesting to see if Arrow employs the same origin story as we have all seen how far grief can push our heroes on the series. It’s also starting to sound very much like the Punisher arc in Daredevil.

Wlid Dog’s Uniform Consists of a Laughing Dog

Yep, you read that right! Driven by grief, Jack Wheeler becomes Wild Dog. He assembles a really intimidating outfit, including: camouflage pants, combat boots, a local football jersey with an emblem of a laughing dog on it and finally, a hockey mask to conceal his face.

Talk about an unforgettable outfit! I can’t wait to see this come to life on Arrow!

He Has Extensive Knowledge of Weaponry

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Due to his marine background, Wild Dog has extensive knowledge on weaponry and is versatile with practically all types. Underneath his laughing dog jersey, he wears a lightweight body armor and is armed with a pair of shock gloves which can (and have) knock people out with a single touch.

Much like our favorite vigilante Batman, he is also armed with a utility belt that can hold hand weapons and ammo. I sense a showdown with Diggle’s Spartan coming — that would be so cool!

He Isn’t Afraid to Kill

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Many vigilantes often steer clear of crossing that line. Even our own Green Arrow used to kill those who “failed this city” but he changed his ways, shying away from killing. However, Wild Dog isn’t afraid to cross that line and has done so on many occasions — usually targeting mob criminals. In fact, he got his name from law enforcement when the SWAT captain orders the team to shoot him “like a wild dog in the street”.

Once again, getting a very Punisher-like vibe from Wild Dog.

He’s Skilled at Hand To Hand Combat

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Wild Dog. Photo Credit: DC Comics

Outside of his advanced knowledge of weaponry, Wild Dog is also an excellent fighter and is incredibly well-skilled at hand-to-hand combat (thanks to his military training). This should really make for some great fight scenes with the Green Arrow. It will be intriguing to see military training go up against League of Assassins training!

So there you are, all caught up on Star City’s newest vigilante! Whether you are still a fan of Arrow or have been one of the many unhappy with its current direction, you must admit that the introduction of this underrated DC character has peaked our interest. I will most certainly be looking forward to seeing Wild Dog come to town!

Are you happy that Wild Dog will be appearing in Arrow? Or do you wish they had gone with someone else? Let us know in the comments!

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