Will Luke Skywalker Turn His Lightsaber Against His Family In Star Wars 8?

We’re sort of halfway between the releases of Star Wars Episode 7 and Star Wars Episode 8, but there’s not much we know about the plot of the upcoming episode. The production announcement may show that the new movie will pull off a move never seen before in the franchise — picking up the story where the previous episode left off, but information about the plot still involves more rumours than information.

While Rey has managed to locate Luke on his faraway island, countless questions remain: Will he agree to train her to handle the Force, or could she be ? Do the old Jedi and the Jakku castaway share familial bonds? What’s Luke doing alone on an island, anyway?

Does Luke Skywalker Have A Mission In Star Wars Episode 8?

'Shattered Empire' / Marvel Comics

‘Shattered Empire’ / Marvel Comics

Although some fans will argue that Luke Skywalker has gone into hiding out of remorse about his inability to stop Ben Solo from becoming Kylo Ren, the main theory about his plans revolves around the myth of the Jedi temple, drawing from Shattered Empire, a comic book acting as a prequel to The Force Awakens.

In the comic, Luke Skywalker retrieves two Force trees from an Imperial lab with the help of Shara Bey, a Rebel pilot who’s none other than Poe Dameron’s mother. He gives her one to plant in front of her home and keeps the other, possibly to plant it in front of a Jedi temple. Now, his first attempt at founding a new Jedi order has failed, but he could be on a quest to and try once again. Could there be a temple on Skellig Michael?

Who Will Fight Kylo Ren?


Logically, if there’s an ancient artifact of the Force at play, could very well be looking for it too, possibly using Rey as a lead to Luke’s whereabouts. If you imagine Kylo Ren interrupting Luke Skywalker’s training of Rey, who do you picture fighting him?

This is where we could use a little flashback to the original trilogy: In the Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader’s allegiance to the Dark Side isn’t enough to get Luke Skywalker to accept killing him. This turn of events is also what gives Vader his final redemption.

The Power Of Family



But in Star Wars Episode 8, we’ve got a slightly different situation, where the power of family love already wasn’t enough to restore the trust between Kylo Ren and Han Solo — cue one of the most heartbreaking Star Wars scenes of all time.

If he has to stop Kylo Ren, will Luke Skywalker be able to turn his lightsaber against his own family this time? Or would he encourage Rey to do it, despite her young age? Her inexperience would certainly make it more risky for her to accept killing someone, possibly overflowing her enough to turn her to the Dark Side. Add to that that if she turns out to be Luke’s daughter, as most theories imagine it, and she could be resentful after having been left on Jakku for so long.


On the other hand, living as a hermit for years will have changed Luke, which would provide solid ground for a Jedi character more somber, but also more resolute than the ones we’ve seen before.

Star Wars Episode 8 is set for release on December 15, 2017.

What do you think will Luke Skywalker be up to in Star Wars Episode 8?