Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Dare To Show The Skinning Scene From The ‘Joker’ Graphic Novel?

***Possible Spoilers For Suicide Squad, and Major Spoilers For the Graphic Novel Joker Follow. You Have Been Warned, So Continue At Your Own Risk!***

Suicide Squad is a little less than a month away and is the most anticipated superhero movie of the year for many. For most fans, it’ll probably be better than The Dark Knight, and just might be the greatest superhero film ever — which is saying a LOT. From the trailers to the marketing, Suicide Squad alone seems to be giving Marvel a run for its money, and just might end up having a better soundtrack than Guardians of the Galaxy did. But that’s not saying it’ll be better than the classics, I mean, nothing’s really better than the classics, right? Regardless, it’ll stand on its own. Time will tell if Suicide Squad will indeed live up to all the hype. Honestly, I think it will.

To help you prep for Suicide Squad, if you aren’t familiar with the critically acclaimed graphic novel Joker (written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo), or not really a comic fan at all, I suggest you read it as it’s extremely good. The graphic novel seems to have quite a few parallels to the upcoming film, and some of the movie’s storyline might even be ripped straight from the graphic novel. So…let’s begin!

1. Joker’s Release From Arkham Asylum

Poopy come out!

Poopy come out!

The Joker’s escape from Arkham Asylum will be one of the most pivotal scenes in the whole movie as it’ll be showing the iconic Batman villain into who we know and love today, Harley Quinn, just before making his escape. He’ll more than likely have help in the matter as we’ve seen some henchman with him in the trailers.



In the graphic novel, however, the Joker is simply released with no explanation for how or why it was done. As far as we know, the Joker didn’t even have any help in his release. He was just let go, scot–free, and his loyal henchman, Jonny Frost (played by Jim Parrick in the film), was sent to Arkham Asylum by Monty (more on him later) to pick him up. We’ve heard how loyal Jim Parrick’s been to Jared Leto already, and hopefully their relationship will go a little more in depth in the film, just as it did in the graphic novel.

2. The Grin And Bare It

Work it girl work it.

Work it girl work it.

In the graphic novel we’re reintroduced to three really important characters at The Grin And Bare It strip bar at various times: Jonny Frost, Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie in the film), and Monty. Monty was the guy who took over the Joker’s criminal empire while he was in Arkham Asylum, and sent Mr. Frost to pick up the Joker, and Harley? Well, she’s a dancer at the club.

In the film, we’ll more than likely get to see a little of how the Joker runs his criminal empire (more than a glimpse hopefully, judging from what we’ve seen in the trailer), or just a little more time spent at his club, like making a deal with Common’s Monster T (a loose adaption of Tattoo Man).

So intense...

So intense…

In the graphic novel we also get to see how sick a mother*bleeper* the Joker is. Such as what he does to Monty, the poor man who gets…

3. The Skinning

Poor man.
Poor man.

The Joker didn’t like how Monty had run his empire, so he decided to skin him alive as punishment. A truly horrible thing to do to someone while they’re alive but…still, in Joker’s mind, he deserved it.

Suicide Squad will probably play it VERY differently in order to keep that PG-13 rating. All throughout the trailers we’ve seen how Ike Barinholtz’s as yet unnamed character ( ) likes to mistreat the Squad members. I know they’re criminals and everything, but you can still treat people with some kindness and respect, right? What’s more, he also seems to be getting quite up close and personal with Harley, which will ultimately lead to his meeting with the Joker, possibly at…

4. Croc’s Lair

In the graphic novel, right after Jonny Frost and the Joker come from Arkham Asylum, they head to Killer Croc’s lair, which is a meat locker. While there, they then rummage up some information and then head on over to The Grin And Bare It.

In the movie, the meat locker will probably not belong to Killer Croc, but will be a nice place to “talk things out” and get some information. The movie will show the Joker searching for his love/partner he abuses, which is how he’ll learn of Barinholtz’s character and his knowledge of where Harley is. Which will more than likely lead to his ultimate demise: a *cough* skinning *cough* or at least a death of some kind.

Can you think of any other elements from the Joker graphic novel that we might see in Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments below!


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