‘Wonder Woman’ Is The First Female Superhero Film, But ‘Captain Marvel’ Is Just As Critical

After Marvel Studios announced that Captain Marvel was going to hit theaters, fans speculated on who would play her. was one of the first thrown around by fans. But during last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, as the Avengers’ own Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel.

This news came out the same weekend that . Which is convenient, since whenever the discussion comes up, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel always seem to be mentioned together by nature of being . Still, these are two vastly different characters that will ultimately have two completely different movies.

Approach During Battle

Standing tall and looking tough.

Standing tall and looking tough.

The first — and maybe the most glaring — difference between the two heroes will be the writer and director’s approach to each character’s origin story and tone of the movie. Both women will absolutely be strong and tough, but each will show these attributes in different ways.

Judging by the trailer for Wonder Woman, Diana will most certainly have a take-no-prisoners approach to the way she saves the day. That’s just who she is and how she was portrayed in Batman v Superman. She was born and bred to be a warrior. She didn’t have guns and tanks during her training on Themyscira. Most of the tools of war she trained with — swords, shield, etc. — had more of an up close and personal touch to them. Wonder Woman may want peace, but she can also revel in war.

It almost looked like she enjoyed this!

Carol Danvers is military and also no slouch when it comes to fighting. She has served in the United States Air Force, NASA, and S.H.I.E.L.D., so she is no stranger to strenuous physical training. A huge difference between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel — and thus their films — is that Carol Danvers isn’t someone who kills. In fact, during the Dark Reign storyline where Norman Osborn took control of S.H.I.E.L.D., she had an opportunity to kill Osborn but chose to take the high road. Afterwards she pointed out that not killing him is what really made her the hero.

Superhero Legacy

The one major advantage Wonder Woman has over Captain Marvel is her history — Wonder Woman’s first appearance was in 1941. Carol Danvers first appeared in 1968, but wasn’t Ms. Marvel until 1977 and didn’t become Captain Marvel until 2012. Because of her legacy, Wonder Woman is already a well known character that has been a symbol for women’s strength for years.

Diana was raised in a culture that not only didn’t need men to survive, but are also a culture stronger than most “advanced” in the world. Since she’s been one of the greatest heroes for decades, she already has the ability to stand out when she’s standing among other titans like Superman and Batman.

Carol Danvers’ popularity is just starting to rise up. For people like me who have been reading comics, we know who she is, what she can do, and that she is more than deserving of her own movie. But for the average movie goer who only knows comic book characters from television shows, cartoons and the movies, she may be an unknown quantity.

So the goal here is probably to show the world the kind of badass that Captain Marvel can be and why she is among the toughest Avengers ever assembled. How do they do that? The same way they’ve been doing it for years: By giving the character time to shine.

How many can say they knocked out Sentry?

How many can say they knocked out Sentry?

During Avengers: Age of Ultron, both Wanda Maximoff and Vision were given solo moments to show off their skills and powers. Vision was given a moment to speak among the Avengers when he became completely sentient and it made all the difference.

Since Carol Danvers has always been very vocal when it comes to her opinion on matters that affect her team and the world, she absolutely has to be given the opportunity to say what’s on her mind when situations come up. Once this happens, it will give her the presence that is necessary to make her a major player in the Avengers movie franchise.

What Can This Lead To?

An "A-Force" movie?

An “A-Force” movie?

At the end of the day, Carol Danvers is going to be a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and open doors for other female heroes like Jessica Drew, Kamala Kahn, She-Hulk, and maybe even the entire A-Force. Carol Danvers is a fantastic and likable character with layers to her personality, super strength, and cool-looking energy blasts.

Wonder Woman may be the first female superhero to headline her own film, but Captain Marvel will be just as critical to opening up the possibilities of the types of heroes we could see on screen.

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