‘Wonder Woman’: Official Synopsis And Geoff Johns Revealed As Co-Writer

Wonder Woman played by the gorgeous Gal Gadot made her theatrical debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the critics bashed the movie for pacing issues Gal’s portrayal of the Amazon Princess was highly praised.

Wonder Woman In Batman V Superman

And because of such a strong showing . We are still a year away but the official synopsis was released leaving clues to a familiar Wonder Woman origin.

Wonder Woman Official Synopsis

Courtesy of @CinematicSource

Courtesy of @CinematicSource

Kal-El being sent to Earth before Krypton explodes. Bruce Wayne witnessing his parents murder in front of him. These are familiar and important parts of Superman and Batman’s origin and them becoming heroes. The same can be said about .

Diana Meets Steve

For someone that has never met a man she definitely knows how to take one down. Hopefully Steve gets a better reception than that from Princess Diana in the Wonder Woman movie. Based on the writers of the movie I think we all will be happy regardless.

And who, you ask, is responsible for giving us this awesome comic book accurate story of Wonder Woman? if you didn’t notice, the screenplay was written by Allen Heinberg and Geoff Johns. Yes that Geoff Johns!

When you are going to give us a solo Wonder Woman movie for the first time on the movie screen you bring out the big guns. There is no bigger gun in comics than Geoff Johns, as he co-writes Wonder Woman alongside Allen Heinberg. and has written stories starring Superman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Teen Titans, Aquaman and Justice League. Geoff was also recently moved into a new role in the DC Extended Universe and is overseeing all of the movie projects. It’s safe to say that Wonder Woman got the write (pun intended) man.

Geoff Johns Introducing Wonder Woman

But those are my thoughts. What do you think about the Wonder Woman synopsis? What do you think about Geoff Johns co-writing Wonder Woman? Please share your thoughts below.

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