Wonder Woman

Trailer for Wonder Woman that was released during San Diego Comic Con. Film stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

An Amazon princess leaves her island home to explore the world, and becomes the greatest of its heroes.After a number of women including but not limited to , Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel, and even were considered for the role of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot stepped up to be the first ever non-American to play the character. Gadot started her career as an Israeli model.

Though Chris Pine is no stranger to franchises — cough — — cough — this will be his first ever comicbook movie; and it’s not for the sake of trying. The actor auditioned for the title role in , which went to Ryan Reynolds. Pine was able to nab this role away from Liam Hemsworth, who was hoping to join the ranks of his brother, Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, in a comicbook franchise. And Hemsworth wasn’t the only contender. Scott Eastwood was also considered to play Steve Trevor, but instead went with . Well, at least he stuck with both DC and Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer
I hate to judge any future DC installment from Warner Bros on the basis of , but since that film’s entire purpose seemed more about jump-starting the DC universe while introducing audiences to Ben Affleck as Batman, Superman sort of had to take a hit to do so. It’s fine, as I didn’t think the film was nearly as bad as the critics made out, but you hope that sort of investment pays off. Right?

So now we have the first trailer for Wonder Woman, who also got the 2nd best introduction in BvS, coming to us straight out of San Diego Comic Con. And how does it look? Pretty damn great actually, and I fully respect the various number of impressive settings in which this story takes place, especially all the World War I visuals.

I had no idea how much I love watching Gal Gadot literally kick the crap out of guys while hucking them through walls and who knows what else. Since the Batman fight sequence from BvS was hands down the best part of the film, I’m glad to see director Patty Jenkins going with a similar, brutal, fighting style for Wonder Woman. If you had any doubts about this franchise, I guess we can put them to bed. BvS might have sacrificed itself for Justice League, Wonder Woman and a number of other adaptations but, starting right now, I am growing more and more okay with it.
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