X-Men: Apocalypse is Strong, but Probably Won’t Survive

Going into X-Men: Apocalypse I had conflicting thoughts on what to expect from the third installment of The X-Men rebirth (reboot?). On one hand, the previous two movies (X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of the Future Past) were both amazing movies. Realistically, I shouldn’t have any reason to think that the most recent installment of the X-Men movie franchise wouldn’t be anything less than great. But the third movie curse almost always means the third movie won’t be as good as the previous two. While X-Men: Apocalypse did have some issues, overall it was a very well put together movie and the writers did a good job portraying some of the comic book characters in the movie. A lot of movie critics as well as comic book fans have been down on the movie and because of that criticism, X-Men: Apocalypse may not survive long in the theaters.

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