You Ask For It, You’re Gonna Get It: Norman Reedus Talks Negan’s Kill On ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s been a few months since Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, but the hype over the controversial episode has yet to die down. Last night, Norman Reedus appeared on Conan and .

When prompted on whether it’s true that The Walking Dead showrunners Scott M. Gimple and Gregory Nicotero have filmed multiple death scenes to maintain an air of mystery, the Daryl Dixon actor responded:

“They’re going to great lengths not to spoil it. I’ll say that. It’s like one of those things — you ask for it, you’re gonna get it. … It might be rougher than you were expecting. It’s hardcore.”

Conan’s followup question touched on whether or not he knows who’s going to die next season. Reedus revealed he does who faced Lucille, but he kept his cool demeanor and his lips firmly sealed.

Norman Reedus’s commentary is interesting, but intentionally ambiguous, especially the sentence “You ask for it, you’re gonna get it.” What exactly do you mean by that, Norman? Let’s discuss.

There have been countless fan theories speculating who died since “The Last Day on Earth” aired. In fact, we did a roundup article on that have circulated the internet. But in those theories, there are still a few characters whose names appear more than others.

In case you’ve somehow forgotten the nail-biting cliffhanger, watch the full scene here:

Glenn Rhee is living on borrowed time

Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan is the most widely-discussed possibility. After all, it is Glenn who gets his head bashed in after the game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and death becomes a catalyst for integral plot points in future storylines. Plus, sticking to the source material is something fans are always partial too.

broke down the final POV scene of “The Last Day on Earth” shot-by-shot, and concluded that the angle we see could only be from Glenn’s perspective. It’s a pretty convincing theory, so to look at it a little more in-depth, .

It already feels like Glenn has been living on borrowed time since his near-death experience in Season 6, Episode 3 “Thank You,” and giving him the proverbial axe — or bat, in this case — seems to be the most concrete result.

Abraham Ford will get Orange Crush-ed

Like Glenn, Abraham is another character whose death in the comic book has been postponed and handed off to another character. In the episode “Twice as Far,” it was Denise who the arrow through the eye originally intended for Abraham.

Another extremely popular theory suggests Abraham’s fate was foretold by a can of soda. The pointed out Denise died shortly after finding a can of Orange Crush. Could it be that the showrunners are hinting Abaham may have been spared from an arrow through the eye, but he his orange head be crushed by Negan’s bat?

It’s a thin connection, but I wouldn’t put it past The Walking Dead to be so nuanced in their foreshadowing. Read more about .

Daryl Dixon is ripe for revenge

We might not be asking for this one, but Daryl Dixon’s death has been hypothesized for years. As one of the show’s most badass and beloved characters, Daryl’s death would be devastating. And as Rick’s crossbow-wielding righthand man, it would totally shakeup the survivors group as we know it.

Some fans have also pointed out that Negan may already have his eyes set on Daryl before they officially met. Twitter user Vinnie Gorham spotted a car in the background that approached just before Daryl blew up a group of the Saviors in “Start to Finish.” If Negan has revenge on his mind, Daryl is the obvious choice. To read more about Daryl Dixon’s potential passing, .

From a practical standpoint, Norman Reedus also signed onto a new AMC series Ride with Norman Reedus. Will his new schedule allow him to film the new show as well as The Walking Dead? I really hope so. The Walking Dead without Daryl is like a motorcycle without its engine.

Norman Reedus says we’re going to get what we asked for, but only time will tell us what his vague phrasing truly meant.

It’s not official at the moment, but following tradition, Season 7 of The Walking Dead will likely premiere the Sunday before New Your Comic Con on October 9.

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